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   Meet the Staff

Don DeAngelis

Donald DeAngelis has years of experience working with leaders in many organizations; public, private and non-profits.  He has taken lessons from the effective supervisors and learned from the dysfunctional ones. He comes with a wealth of experience and organizational wisdom to share. Don has had a series of interesting careers ranging from paramedic, Hazardous Materials Team chemist, teacher, fire marshal, regional vice president in finance and fire chief. He has a passion for coaching and developing people to help them win. He holds several degrees including a M. Ed. in Organizational Development. 

Deputy Chief
Richard Rodier

Richard Rodier has been an Epping resident for 37 years and has been an active member of the Epping Fire Department since 2002, serving the last five years as Deputy Chief.  Prior to joining the FD, Richard served in the US Army Reserve from 1974-2004, specializing in communications and as a driving instructor and firearms instructor, retiring as an E-8.  He did trainings and humanitarian tours in Kenya, Germany, Iceland, Guatemala, and the Mojave Desert.  He has been a machinist for 26 years making medical equipment including orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, and sterilization cases and trays.

Assistant Chief
Joe Lombardo



Active Members

Full-Time Members

  • Chief Don DeAngelis, 2011


A Shift

  • Lt/AEMT Tim Labonte, 2015

  • FF/EMT Don Tilbe 2018



  • Lt/AEMT Paul St. Cyr, 2015

  • Lt/Paramedic Jonathan "JJ" Markey, 2017

  • FF/ AEMT Mark Brightman 2019

Part-Time Fire Officers

  • Deputy Chief Richard Rodier, 2002

  • Assistant Chief Joe Lombardo, 2017

  • Deputy Chief Mark Proulx, 2018

  • Captain Cliff Cray, 1981

  • Captain Steve Larochelle, 2004

  • Lieutenant Paul Hanley, 2010

  • Lieutenant Amanda Larochelle, 2003

  • Lieutenant Adinara Challinor, 2012

  • Lieutenant William Naugle, 2019

Part-Time Members

  • FF/Paramedic Tiffany Pickering, 2016

  • FF/Paramedic Jason Nichols, 2017

  • FF/Paramedic John Cody, 2018

  • FF/Paramedic Mike Nickerson 2018

  • FF/AEMT Danielle Zukas, 2004

  • FF/AEMT Jake DiGiovanni, 2017

  • FF/AEMT Stephanie Lazott, 2019

  • FF/EMT Zachary Marcoux, 2016

  • FF/EMT Steve Carvalho, 2017

  • FF/EMT Vincent Potvin, 2017

  • FF/EMT Lauren Barry,2020

  • FF/EMT Julie Labonte, 2019

  • FF/EMT Stephanie Lovett, 2020


  • FF Dan Bennis, 1985

  • FF Jim Porter, 1997

  • FF Matt Tombarello, 2015

  • FF Cameron Beauchesne, 2016

  • FF Gabe Burgess-Labonte, 2019


  • Paramedic George Bryant, 2015

  • Paramedic Beverly Tufts, 2018

  • Paramedic Sonya Blancato, 2020

  • AEMT Joan Page, 1993

  • AEMT Lori Stowell, 2006

  • EMT Laurie Borgella, 2017

  • EMT Caitlin Labonte,2018

  • EMT Jaimee Dionne, 2018

  • EMT Courtney Santos 2019

  • EMT Bryce Pietrini 2019

  • Chaplain Adam Chase, 2017

  • Admin./AEMT Brenda Silva, 2018

Our Emergency Medical Services

       The Epping Fire Department is commited to exceptional Emergency Medical Services. We currently run two Advanced Life Support Ambulances and have Basic Life Support equipment in almost every department vehicle we own.
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